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Reviews from Candidates, Clients, and Employees

We are proud to share the following feedback from people familiar with the McCall service commitment.

"Small apparel startup had a desperate, last-minute need for a data entry wizard and McCall came through in spades. [They] asked the right questions and were able to get us someone right away who was professional and friendly. Couldn't have had a better experience."
Yuri O.

"I recently used McCall to staff an Admin position for two months. I was very pleased with the service they provided and also the person they sent. I couldn't be happier with how it worked out."
Jason S.

"As a corporate meeting planner that plans hundreds of events per year, I frequently hire temps to assist with registration at our events. I have hired temps all over the US and Canada and McCall Staffing is hands down my favorite agency to work with. Before coming across McCall in a random Google search, I struggled to find an agency in San Fran that provided reliable staff and was easy to work with. Now that I have found McCall, all I do is email [them] with the date that we need someone and [they] will set us up with a reliable person - could not be any easier! We actually have our go to temp that we request by name. I wish there was a McCall Staffing in every city!"
Christine P.

"After a nice long Memorial Day weekend, one of our executive assistants failed to show after working at our company for 2 years. She didn't call or email us......she just vanished. We were not prepared for this and didn't know what to do. An colleague of mine mentioned calling an employment agency to get somebody in right away. I had always been skeptical about hiring people from employment agencies and didn't know if that would be the right way to go about it. He mentioned McCall as one to inquire within along with a few others. I spoke with a lady at McCall and was shocked to get a call back within an hour saying they had an experienced executive assistant on her way. We were still cautious with the whole ordeal.....not really knowing how it will turn out. After having the temp assistant for three days, we decided to speak with McCall and hire her on permanently. I have to say I am impressed with their service!"
Kelly R.

"McCall Staffing is fantastic for employers seeking temp workers. After disappointing experiences with better known competitors I sought local options on Yelp, which led me to McCall. I was so pleased with the reviews from people seeking temp work that I decided to give McCall a try. During the last year I've always received prompt, friendly service. We were so pleased with the caliber of temp candidates they provide that we hired one permanently!
I think it speaks to the quality of their work that McCall keeps all their clients happy - those seeking temp work as well as those in need of temp workers."
Kate D.
PR/Branding Agency

"I am writing to say thank you for the highly credible people that you have sent to us in the past. With the demands of today's market, it is reassuring to know that McCall Staffing provides us with talented, competent people to fill our staffing needs. I continue to be impressed with your professionalism and commitment to excellence."
Beverly G.
Office Manager, Architectural Client

"I am thrilled with your team. In two days we have someone lined up who looks highly qualified. Thank you all! My panic is subsiding..."
Laura I., Principal
Employment Law Client

"McCall Staffing has saved me time and money by providing high quality, non-clinical personnel within a short time frame. Their staff is dependable, conscientious, and customer oriented."
Tony V., HR Director
Medical Services Client

"Your service to us has been unique. You listen well, you are sensitive to our timing - you take the time to understand our process. At the Director level and at the Help Desk, your service has been stellar. I would add that you have been a complete professional during the total cycle."
Gregory S., EVP
Investment Services Client

"As a small but growing business I wanted to make sure I gave kudos kudos kudos to this company. [McCall] was fantastic and listened to my needs. [They] gave me 5 brilliant young women, all college grads (I am talking Master Degrees, Graduate degrees with highly impressive work histories and ALL were bilingual too). Maura, Alex, Meggie, Diana & Vanessa. And the final invoice while it was great for my budgeting needs (I paid the same for people from the other agency who seemed to have never been in an office in their life - even though the agency insisted they were some of their best...WOW) it made me feel so bad that people of this caliber were not employed already. These girls I wish them the best, they made my company look great!!!! If you are a business owner and nervous about having to hire in some people, especially if these people will represent your company to clients for a project, you can absolutely rest easy and end up thrilled like I was if you call McCall Staffing. "
Catherine B.
Election Consulting Client

"Call McCall When You Need Great Temp Staff!
I have been a client of McCall Staffing since 2005 and I think they are one of the best staffing agencies in the SFBA. When we've needed temporary staff to fill very specific roles, ranging from customer service and administrative support to marketing and sales support, McCall has consistently delivered competent and professional candidates.
Something I most appreciate about working with McCall is that they take time to really understand the needs for each temp assignment. They don't just send us candidates that they have available - rather, they go out of their way to identify who the best candidates will be for each position, then they discuss the position with the candidate to make sure it's a good fit - and then they send them to us for interviews. We rarely have had to interview additional candidates because McCall has done it for us.
[McCall] has also visited our offices several times, so [they] know our company and our needs, which helps [them] to get the best match when placing candidates on assignments with us. I highly recommend McCall Staffing for any company that wants a great partner to help them with their staffing needs."
Environmental Non-Profit Client

"I am based in New York and was organizing a big event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. [McCall] saw my event listed and contacted me to introduce themselves. A few weeks later, I found myself in a bind and called [them] back. On short notice, [they] found 2 great people that were able to work the entire 3 day event. The people were prompt, jumped in where needed and interacted with the rest of the event team as if they had been there since the beginning. I highly recommend them!"
Merrill R.
Non-profit Health Foundation Client

"McCall Staffing Services is one of the most personable, and results driven staffing professional I have had the pleasure to work with. For many years I have enlisted [their] services and [they] always pay keen attention to the needs of [their] client and exhibits a high level of integrity. I look forward to working with McCall, again in the future."
Joyce C.
Non-profit and Investment Client

So here I was, left alone after my 2 co-workers with a combined 12 years of experience left for greener pastures. After recovering from the shell shock, I realized that I needed help and the quickest way to do that would be to contact a recruiter. After a few phone calls (some of which weren't returned!), I came upon McCall. I have rarely worked with someone who loves what [they] do more than [McCall]. [McCall] provided us with plenty of candidates to choose from and we have been VERY happy with the results. [They] are incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to your cause. Instead of inundating you with an abundance of some relevant and not-so-relevant resumes, [they] try very hard to only introduce candidates that [they] feel will fit your position like a glove. While [they] are attentive and responsive, [they] are never pushy. [McCall] has an impressive satisfaction policy that we were able to experience first hand. Of all the recruiters I've ever worked with, I recommend McCall without reservation.
Stephanie S.
Technology Client

"Great Temp Agency!
We use this local temp agency mostly to hire temps but we have also hired a few as direct placements. The people we get for both temp and direct hire (and temp to hire) are all exactly what we ask for...uniformly a 'spot on' fit with our job posting. I found it was the same when I was a temp employee...I knew what to expect before I reported to a new assignment. One of a kind temp agency without that temp agency feeling!"
Joel M.
Investigative Services Client

"As we enter a new year, I wanted to thank you for your staffing support.
Last year was a transformational year for our company. In collaboration with partners like McCall Staffing we were able to maximize effectiveness; accomplishing more than we could have imagined in this ever changing environment. You are a valued resource that has directly impacted our work, and I am appreciative of all that you and your group have done to support our efforts.
Your partnership is valued and I look forward to continued success as a team in 2010 and beyond."
Karen L.
Financial Services Client

"These people are great!
I chose them after doing an agency search based upon Google & Citysearch reviews. They found our new Executive Assistant for our CEO. They were thorough and professional and delightful (fun!) to deal with. All of their referrals were excellent. We had a hard time making a final selection. In fact all of their candidates also had great things to say about their dealings with everyone at McCall. I recommend them to hiring managers.
Pros: Screen & Provide Highly Skilled Applicants, Great Company To Work With
Cons: none"
Derek B.

"After reaching out to McCall Staffing I met with a recruiter named Mari Laughlin. Right away she had an air of positivity and really treated me with respect, focus, and kindness. Mari never rushed me or tried to throw anything at me. She took the time to get to know my likes/dislikes, hopes, areas I had a true interest in and saw right away what positions to lead me into.

After so much time being unemployed she made me smile again, feel uplifted, and that I didn't have to just take anything but that she would do her best to find me work that would make me happy/be towards my goal. Her empathy meant a lot.

Although I did not find full-time work with McCall (that coming from another application I personally sent out) Mari was great to send me on fun and helpful temp work that I really enjoyed and was paid a good rate. I always knew that even when things weren't happening with full-time work that Mari would always come through with an assignment as soon as she could. I was given work consistently and have only the best things to say about Mari and McCall. God willing I'll never be in that position again but at least I have McCall as a relief, and know with confidence where I can direct others. "
Anne N., McCall Assignment Employee

"I have regularly temped for McCall Staffing Services for the past few years. The clients that McCall Staffing attracts are really nice people. I have found the recruiters to be very honest and helpful. Mari, Laura, and Sara are very careful with their placements and really try to make sure that there is a good match between their clients and candidates. In the two instances during the past few years that an assignment turned out not to be a good fit for me, the recruiters were accessible, listened to my concerns, and then found assignments for me that were better matches."
Annamarie S., McCall Assignment Employee

"I had the best experience with Sara at McCall. I haven't been in the market for a job for awhile, and she was helpful, transparent, and genuinely enthusiastic about my skills and what was possible. I really felt like I had someone on my team. I landed a job through them that I am really looking forward to starting within two weeks after meeting with Sara. I didn't think that job hunting could be such a smooth and positive experience! Even if they don't have the perfect job for you, I feel like McCall will make you feel valued and help bring out your assets."
Mira B., McCall Assignment Employee

"McCall was like striking gold. I arrived in San Francisco with a great degree, lots of skills, but no professional contacts. McCall put me to work, and that allowed me to make my everything else happen in my life."
Jim R., Writer & McCall Employee

"I have found that McCall Staffing is a wonderful place for employment. They go above and beyond the call for the people who work for them. I am happy to say that I work for McCall Staffing and that their recruiters are the best."
Michael B. CCNA, IT Contract-to-hire Employee

"McCall is a people place. It's not just about maximizing your skill set, but what you want as well. McCall's 'in the family' atmosphere and professional 'can do' attitude provides a meaningful model I can bring along to work."
N. Robinson, Former McCall Assignment Employee

"McCall takes the time to ensure to both me and the client that this assignment is the right match. I have an appreciation for the quality service given to both parties."
Emily P., Assignment Employee

"McCall Staffing Services is employment placement with integrity! Thank you for the excellent employment assignment and generous overtime bonus. Your employee/client professionalism is #1, I'm looking forward to my future [McCall] assignments."
Stuart S., IT Contractor

"I've been with many agencies, all of them good, but without a doubt McCall stands alone, with staffing professionals that are perceptive, gracious and extremely savvy. McCall's temporary division located a perfect job for me, negotiating a substantial increase in the initial offered hourly rate. As it turned out, I was able to transition this temporary position to full-time and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! McCall Staffing gets my vote, no doubt about it!"Caroline B., Assignment-to-Hire Placement

"McCall took good care of me. They gave me my first office jobs and never got me in[to] a job that I couldn't do. It made me feel good to be successful; I got self confidence which helped when I interviewed for my permanent job ... I am the youngest supervisor my company ever had ... Working in lots of offices helped ... McCall had great benefits. I send all my friends to McCall."
Susan S., Former Assignment Employee

"McCall Staffing is, simply stated, San Francisco's best choice of temp agency.

I've been working with McCall for 20 years - not all that time, of course, just during lulls between careers and other jobs. McCall has, without exaggeration, saved my financial butt no fewer than four times, be it when I was a young arrival to the city back in 1990, fresh out of college with no clue what I wanted to do, or later (i.e. now), a more experienced career person having gone through an all too common layoff.

Each time I've made it a point to keep actively engaged with at least three agencies (something I advise all temping people to do), but McCall has consistently come through with the lion's share of assignments.

Laura and Mari, my two primary contacts, are both extraordinarily personable and caring, and take such an active interest in getting their temps placed into the right positions, it's really remarkable, if not completely unusual. This doesn't necessarily mean I've had work all the time - especially now, given the massive influx of job seekers, that would be an unrealistic expectation - but they have helped keep me afloat and on track toward my next "destination" each and every time. For that, they will always have my gratitude.

I could not recommend McCall Staffing more highly."
Grant M., McCall Assignment Employee

"I'm so glad I found this agency! After sending (and calling) a few agencies in the City and getting no response, I was pleased to get a personal phone call from Pegi, the founder of McCall Staffing. She offered her advice on my situation (making a career change), resume, and provided her expertise. She has been in the business a long time, is thoroughly professional, and has a firm grasp on the current SF job market, including who's hiring. I would recommend this agency to anyone considering using an employment service.
I could not recommend McCall Staffing more highly."
Rita M., McCall Assignment Employee

"New to the city and tired of asking myself, "Was it me? Was it my resume?" I stopped fumbling and got real help from Pegi at McCall Staffing. She helped walk me through a better resume format and spent time with on the phone. Have not felt this good and confident since before the economy collapsed!"
Laura C., McCall Assignment Employee

"Two weeks after I started working with McCall Staffing I was placed! Mari is my contact at McCall and she is so professional, so helpful, and so reassuring. Just overall a wonderful person to consult on job stuff!

When I applied they had warned me that in this economy not very many marketing related jobs ever came up. Honestly, I'm willing to explore and take odd jobs as a temp, but it did feel great to know that I was trusting my placement to someone who cared about my career goals. Nevertheless, they assured me that they would keep an eye out for any opportunities that might interest me. A few weeks later and I received a call saying that Yelp needed a temp for up to 4 weeks. Will I work for Yelp? Is that a question? I never expected to find a temp job with a company that I really love, so THANKS McCall!

You get paid every weekly, must make sure you fill out the timecard right.

They're fast, they get you great jobs with great companies (like Yelp!), and they get you paid. What's not to love?"
Isabelle W., McCall Assignment Employee

"McCall Staffing is my favorite employment agency, and I am registered as a temp with several agencies. All level's of McCall's staff are very professional and cordial. Among my assignments from McCall were two where I was one of several temps from McCall, and I can say that the level of intelligence of McCall temps is much higher than that of temps with other agencies with whom I work. McCall's is just great!! "
Bill C., McCall Assignment Employee

I was very timid about starting the daunting task of job hunting but with my current company cutting almost everyone's role, I had no choice. I had reached out to some other recruiting agencies first but most of them gave me the usual run around about how a temp to hire was a better option despite me being adamant about wanting a perm role.

So I came across McCall's website and I sent an instant msg thinking I would probably get the same outcome as the other agencies. To my surprise, I was getting replies from a live person!

In less than a couple days I had my first I interview and starting from there I was working with Sara Wells. I felt she heard what I wanted and respected that. She only told me about roles that were permanent!

Throughout the whole process Sara was right there beside me. Giving me tips on interviews, group interviews, and as well as a final interview! She was also right there encouraging me and hyping me up so that I always felt prepared.

Fast forward to today, I'm straight chillin at my current job waiting for my NEW job to start!

I was able to get the role I wanted at a good compensation rate that I didn't except!

Sara really made me feel like I wasn't just another "possible candidate" but more as if I was her ONLY candidate which felt very refreshing after all the other agencies!

Give em a try, it might just be your first step into a new role!
Michael C., McCall Direct-Hire Placement

"McCall staffing is a great agency to work for and represent. They are about relationships and building stakeholders, not just jobs. Why do I say this? Three reasons: they want a solution for the jobseeker, ideal candidates and commitment levels for the employer contracted with them, and, in my opinion, assignments that empower the candidate to build leverage in his or her job search after the assignment ends.

When I started with McCall, there was a detailed exercise in how to balance a heavy job search with temporary assignments at top financial services firms in the Bay Area. Laura's strategies built my temporary work portfolio in a way that actually strengthened the attractiveness of me as a candidate for a permanent job while matching me with firms where I fit the organization's culture and bonded with the people working there.

It also seemed clear that they know the unique needs of each client and what each looks for in a temporary (or permanent) hire. They are honest if they don't think you are fit and explain why, while also working in a genuinely diligent and competent manner to find a job that you are a fit for. It seemed as if it was not a matter of making you fit what the employer wants to hear but emphasizing your strengths and finding an employer who wants them. And they are very good at that search. I think that builds trust.

While I worked on temp assignments, Pegi consulted me on my search for a permanent job and how to sell myself more generally. She conducted a painstaking review of all my employment history and built a resume that showcased skills in an easily recognizable way while also showing a unique story of my career to date. She also showed great integrity by emphasizing that, if there's a field you really want a career in, you should pursue it and that there are no shortcuts in doing something totally different. She is very good at finding the right balance of flexibility in your career objective and sticking to the field where you want to be. She can see the difference between settling just to get a job and taking something that is not an obvious fit at first glance but preserves your career trajectory in the long run.

When I finally found the right permanent job, the fit seemed seamless.

I should also mention that they offer health insurance and 401(k) plans for qualifying temporary staffers. "
Michael E., McCall Direct-Hire Placement

"I had an excellent experience with McCall and, though I rarely use yelp, I felt it necessary to spread the word about how great they are.

I came to McCall with a very unusual resume that involved various jobs all over the world, including six years in the service industry as my most recent experience. First I received a call offering advice with changing the resume a bit to help highlight my administrative experience that was about ten years old. Then I was called in to meet with Mari. She became my main contact and I really cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She found me a short job on that first meeting and kept me steadily working for the six months that I was unemployed.

During this time, I was applying for job after job and facing rejection constantly. Mari and the others at McCall kept me going with work and beyond that just kindness and faith in my abilities. I really don't know what I would have done without them.

I now have a full-time position that I love in exactly the field I wanted to be in and I am so grateful to everyone at McCall for helping me get there."
Haricot V., McCall Direct-Hire Placement

"As a new arrival to San Francisco and starting a job search in the midst of a historic economic downturn, I could have felt overwhelmed with how difficult finding a job would be. But, after speaking with Pegi at McCall, my worries were put to one side and I got on with getting on, as per Pegi's wonderful advice. I worked with Mari and Pegi and was more than impressed with them both. They were professional and knowledgeable and extremely warm and supportive. From Dana on reception, to Pegi and Mari, I highly recommend McCall to anyone who's looking for a job, either temporary or permanent; you won't be disappointed!"
Nadine J., McCall Candidate

"I really appreciate the time that you have spent talking with me and trying to help me find a job. ...You gave me more confidence for my interviews. You are the best permanent and temporary placement professionals in San Francisco. When people ask me what employment agency I recommend, without hesitation, I tell them to go to McCall. People at McCall treat candidates with great respect."
McCall Candidate

"McCall has really helped me. Twice! The first time [I] was really 'green' ... McCall found just the right company where I could learn and grow. When that company closed, they found my current job right away ... In three years, I've received a promotion (and a great raise) and can even choose to work a 4-day week! Thank you McCall! It wouldn't have happened without your counseling, advice and support!"
Margaret R., Direct-Hire Placement

"In all my years in the job market, I have never had such wonderful help! I had a good feeling right from the very first, [when] your receptionists made me feel so comfortable. My Placement Consultant really listened to what I wanted in a job and counseled me about [a] career strategy. I never felt pushed ... the extra time and interest helped give me confidence when I began my job ... You can be sure [that] I will send all my friends and anyone who is looking to hire."
Leslie W., Direct Placement

"I am really sorry I didn't get my job through McCall because without your help I wouldn't have had a good resume or known how honest I should be in an interview. You really helped me know my priorities ... I've told [my] friends and employer to only use McCall."
Barb R., Direct Placement Candidate

"McCall is wonderful!!

I just graduated from college and I was submitting resumes everywhere trying to find summer temp work before grad school. I wasn't hearing anything back at ALL from the big temp agencies in my area, not even an acknowledgement of the receipt of my information. I saw McCall was highly rated on Yelp so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Within 24 hours of submitting my resume to McCall, Sara called me about an interview, within 24 hours of that phone call I was in the office, and if I hadn't had a wedding at the end of the following week which conflicted, I would have had a temp job lined up within 48 hours of resume submission.

Everyone I talked to was so helpful, so nice, and seemed to genuinely care about finding me work. And not just work, but work that I would actually enjoy and find useful to future career pursuits. So refreshing and re-heartening after the complete disinterest from other agencies! Was starting to feel a bit unwanted and worthless, but it's all about the agency. Can't say enough good things! McCall is the best!"
Lisa A., McCall Candidate

"When I first contacted McCall Staffing I heard back from Pegi Wheatley right away with a few additional questions. Unlike most employment agencies Pegi and McCall seemed genuinely interested in finding me a job that would make me happy in the long run.

It took a while to hear back from McCall (which is hardly surprising in these economic times). When I was contacted, the job description was perfect; the people I interviewed with a wonderful balance of intelligent, direct and fun; and I enjoyed a most refreshing interview.

Pegi handled the salary negotiations like a pro, and on the same day as the interview I was made an offer. The job fits like a glove and my coworkers are a joy to work with. I can't thank Pegi enough for doing her homework so thoroughly.

Immediately after giving notice at my (then) current company, I hired my replacement through McCall, trained her, and have heard nothing but excellent reports on the quality of her work. As soon as I'm in need of hiring at my new job, I'll be contacting McCall Staffing again.

McCall has earned an earnest endorsement for both finding me a job, and providing such strong candidates for the job I was leaving."
Arica R., McCall Direct-Hire Placement

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