The McCall Registration Process

Our candidates for direct hire and for temporary assignment are crucial to McCall success. It is therefore important to McCall that our employment relationship begins on a positive note...starting with an application process that is a friendly and non-threatening experience while also being honest and realistic.

In the “golden, olden days” during better job markets, we interviewed in advance of having job prospects for the new incoming candidates with confidence that work for skilled candidates would come our way. In the current market, with a great imbalance between hiring needs and people anxious to work, we are simply receiving too many worthy incoming candidates for us to be able to accommodate everyone with in-person meetings BEFORE we have good prospects for the new resources.

Accordingly we have changed our process so that instead of interviewing in advance of fairly immediate job prospects, we now accept resumes and then only contact candidates to come in for interviews when it appears likely that we will have an employment match for them within a reasonable time-frame.

This is not only more time efficient, it avoids raising false expectations and makes sure that each candidate we interview remains fresh in our minds at the time when we are getting job orders that match their background and skill-set.

Resumes First

Most resumes come to us via the Submit a Resume link on our website. The resume is used to create a record for you in our database with a notation regarding your compensation requirements for both temporary and direct-hire employment.

Alternatively, when new employment candidates contact McCall directly, our receptionist (or one of our staff) asks them to send a resume to so that we can input the resume into our database.

It is extremely helpful if you include your compensation requirement for both a direct-hire salary and an hourly temporary wage.
After we get your resume

Your resume and the information you have provided is immediately added to the database by our receptionist. Our staff depends upon the database as a primary tool to fill the new job orders coming our way.

In addition to going into our database, all incoming resumes are personally reviewed by a senior member of our staff (usually the Founder of McCall) to assess whether there might be an immediate match with a current opening. That review typically happens on the weekend.

You will hear from us by email when we have a current need --- for a direct-hire opening or for additional temporary employee resources to fill incoming temp job orders. We customarily do not schedule in-person meetings in advance of having a very proximate need for your services; that is because we don’t want to waste your time and we want new candidates to be fresh in mind when we first get established in referring them to our clients. And, in all honesty, we don’t increase our temporary employee base until our already registered and working temporary employees are insufficient to meet demand. Happily, with an increase in temp-to-hire conversions in the last six months, we are optimistic that 2019 will see an increase in the number of new employees we will need.

When we do have opportunities for new candidates we will ask you to complete our online application; if the prospect is of temporary work, we’ll also ask you to let our Receptionist know if you prefer testing to be sent on 2010 or 2013 version of MS Software. When those two steps are completed, you may be asked to call one of our temporary staffing team.

Pegi Wheatley, the Founder of McCall leads our direct-hire staffing. Should a resume not be an immediate match when she first reviews all incoming candidates, she typically uses keyword searches to find the most logical fit. Extra information submitted with an incoming resume --- such as compensation requirements and career/job interests --- facilitates her decisions about whom to first contact.

We hope understanding how we go about our jobs with intake is helpful in knowing how we might proceed in working together.

Application & Skill Assessments

We respect the time, aspirations and expectations of people coming to us for assistance and employment. As a result, we do not ask candidates to fill out our lengthy application form until we realistically have a position match in the offing and/or foresee the need for additional temporary employee resources to meet client demand.

When prospects look favorable, we will let you know that your skill-set and experience matches our current job order activity and ask you to complete our online application .

Once the application has completed, it is returned to where it is added to the resume profile in our database.

A complete application is an important tool for us. Even when accompanied by a resume, the details solicited are important to our placement and assignment process!

After we have the application, our receptionist sends skill assessments appropriate to the resume and the type of jobs we hope to have for the new candidate. These tests are usually for people applying for temporary and temp-to-hire assignments; direct-placement-only candidates usually do not take tests until there is a job listing where the client has requested it. We are also able to accept recent test scores from other recruiting sources to save candidate time.

The skill assessments are not “do or die” hard-core tests…instead, please consider them a gauge that we use in order to assure that we do not get our referrals into embarrassing situations where their skill levels are insufficient to accomplish the assignment.

In-Person Interviews

Our aim is to personalize every client referral. That can’t happen until we get to know you as a person…and visa versa! We place people not resumes!

When there seems to be a good likelihood of fairly immediate opportunities forthcoming, we initiate the application and testing process by email and then have you call our temporary staffing team for an in-person interview. (We DO have one more step when we do reference checks after the interview). Experience, skills, aptitudes and, just as important to us, your personal interests and priorities are discussed so that we make referrals that are more than "just work".

When there is a potential direct-hire fit, candidates are first interviewed by phone, with in-person meetings arranged once interest and a potential fit are determined.

When interviewing with our Assignment Team, please bring documentation to the interview to prove your qualification to work in the United States. If you need more information ask when you are being scheduled for an interview.
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