Policy Commitments

Some things are non-negotiable when dealing with McCall.


Respect and honesty are at the core of the McCall culture and service commitments.

The universal "Golden Rule" governs our treatment of all people, whether client or candidates. We respect feelings and confidences; we want to treat EVERYONE whether candidate or client just how we would want to be treated.

McCall believes that open, frank and honest communication with both clients and candidates is the key to service success and so we endeavor to save everyone time and disappointment by clearly and honestly representing job orders, job requirements, work history and aspirations. We expect clients and candidates to deal candidly with us so that we can avoid subsequent misunderstandings about expectations, skills and requirements.

Fun!!! But no Games! The McCall staff enjoys a relaxed camaraderie with each other and we attempt to make your dealings with McCall an enjoyable experience. We are also committed to not wasting your time.


Commitments that derive from our core values include:


    McCall expects honest and thorough communication
    with our clients and candidates.

    We are committed to maintaining confidential information in strict confidence. However, we want to make it clear that we will not make misrepresentation about job history, whether it be the circumstances about how a candidate ended a job or the prior history of turnover for a position listing.

    References will be handled confidentially as well:

    We cannot and will not repeat references given in confidence by former employers to candidates and we will provide accurate reference information to prospective employers. So that there are not last-minute surprises and disappointments, we urge all candidates to consult with their former references about what will be furnished at the time of prospective hire.

    Orientation Agreements:

    As part of our Employee Orientation process, all assignment employees will be required to sign an agreement to protect the confidentiality of information about our clients for whom they work.

    Credit and Criminal Background Checks:

    McCall Staffing is compliant with current laws regarding credit and criminal background checks. McCall clients require an agreement for criminal and/or credit background check before assignment. McCall candidates have an opportunity to decline or to give written approval to this screening.

    Criminal backgrounds are a matter of public record and therefore not considered confidential per se. If the client does not require these checks and/or if the conviction is not of the sort that will disqualify the worker from employment, we are instructed by our labor attorney that it is prejudicial to mention convictions not germaine to employment. We will tell report disqualifying convictions if employer hire procedure requires review of convictions; we will tell convey information as to whether a candidate is bondable, yea or nay; we cannot say more.

    Drug Testing:

    Some clients require (and pay for) drug testing as part of their pre-employment process. Candidates will be informed of this hiring step. Testing results are confidential.


    It is the policy and intent of McCall Staffing Services, Inc. to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, physical disability (including HIV and AIDS), medical condition (cancer), mental disability or any disability which would not prevent an applicant from performing the essential functions of the position.

    The McCall EEO commitment covers all facets of employment including, but not limited to: recruitment, selection, referral, assignment, placement, promotions, transfers, demotions, terminations, training, compensation and all other aspects of employment.


    In addition to Worker's Compensation coverage for all McCall employees on temporary and contract assignment, through McCall Staffing Services, we are concerned about ensuring that the workplace environment for our assignment employees is one that promotes their safety and productivity. It is our responsibility and commitment to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to implement and require compliance to safe working practices at all times by all employees.

    Safety instructions are part of the Assignment Orientation process.


    We assure all clients, employees and candidates that McCall is committed to compliance with the letter and spirit of laws and ordinances governing our enterprise and employer responsibilities. This includes the City and County of San Francisco ordinances mandating Paid Sick Leave and Healthcare Security.


    McCall has always honored our financial obligations to our employees (payroll and benefits), our clients (including fee refunds and prudent insurances) and to our vendors. Outstanding accounts are paid promptly; in our 41 years of operation as a fiscally sound, well-managed firm, we have never in more than 41 years of operation failed to meet our financial commitments.

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