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Talent Showcase

Welcome to McCall's Featured Top Candidates where you can browse some of our best and brightest talent. Here is a sample of the great people we are working with who are looking for temporary and full-time job opportunities. And if you don't see the skill set you need, just contact us and let us find the talent for you!

Featured candidates of the week:
Feb 26, 2020
Executive Reception Expertise
“My best effort is the only acceptable standard.”
  • efficient and proactive business systems, by design
  • improvise when needed, a contingency planner
  • very strong work ethic
  • experience working in a variety of departments
  • executive summary, writing and editing
Gifted all-around office support
“A self-starter with ready for you, know how.”
  • requested back on every assignment
  • technically trained, down to earth communicator
  • available for early morning and on-call
  • efficient, helpful, impressive
  • ask us about his newly emerging, previously hidden skills
IT Support, Plus
“We are thrilled with the quality of his work.”

  • programming - C++, Java, Swift, Python
  • web page editing - Drupal, HTML, CSS
  • desk-top support for you and your employees
  • payroll application designer
  • My attention is on your details