Salary Observations

McCall is pleased to share our observations about the compensation ranges typical of some of the positions we are representing in the San Francisco Bay Area

As unemployment has grown, compensation for positions across the board has dropped. In comparing compensation in mid 2008 to that of the first quarter 2010, we have observed a drop in compensation across both administrative support and professional positions varying from 18% up to 50% for the most highly compensated professional positions. 30% seems to be the average drop. Compensation has not seemed impacted by the slight uptick in hiring activity in 2010.

Hourly assignment compensation has been particularly depressed as candidates at all levels vie for positions in order to just get back to some type of work and earnings. In many cases, compensation consideration is taking a real ‘backseat’ to the simple desire to just get out of the house and back to work of any kind. If this type of supply dynamic increases, it could have the impact of lowering hourly compensation for temporary workers.

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  • McCall is pleased to share our observations about the compensation ranges typical for administrative support staffing.

    • Salaries are annualized
    • Hourly wages for Temporary Assignments can usually be approximated by dividing the annual salary by 2. That said, as mentioned above, competition for temporary assignment is at an all-time high so that in fact the hourly may be less than that historical computation.
    • In 2000 stock-options were important to recruitment decisions. As the 'fall-out' of business failures has hit home, many candidates increasingly concentrate on base salary and job risk factors.

      Years Experience
    Title 6+ 3-5 1-3 less than 1
    Office Mgr (no admin support role) $55-80K --- --- ---
    Office Mgr with admin support duties $55-75K $50-70K $35-55K ---
    To CEO/Director/Principal $55-100K $48-75K $40-60K ----
    To VP $50-72K $50-70K $45-60K $36-50K
    To Dept/Group $50-70K $50-63K $38-60K $35-45K
    Legal Secretary/Assistant $65-85K $50-72K $44-58K $34-48K
    HR Assistant $60-70K $47-70K $38-60K $34-45K
    AA/Customer Service $50-60K $45-60K $30-55K $28-42K
    Data Entry (typically an hourly, temporary project) $15-16.00/hr $15-16.00/hr $13-15.00/hr $12-15.00/hr
    No Growth Potential $32-50K $32-45K $28-40K $26-34K
    Growth Potential after 1-2 yrs. $37-50K $32-50K $28-40K $26-32K

    • These salary ranges are simply guidelines. Actual offers may vary widely depending upon the level of experience and the skill well as the industry.
    • Technology firms still lead salary ranges while established corporations may offer stability to off-set entrepeneurial risk.
    • "Glamour" industries (such as advertising, PR, and interior design) have always been able to attract candidates at lower recruiting salary levels.

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